Peccioli RoboTown

An open framework for experimenting advanced robotic systems and services in a real small town (coordinator prof. Paolo Dario)

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Peccioli (Italy) is a small ancient village located among the hills of Tuscany. The village center is characterised by small squares and narrow streets with slopes and ancient paving. Peccioli has almost 5.000 inhabitants, of which a high percentage are elderly people (25% are over 65).

View of Peccioli
Map Tuscany

Why Peccioli?

Peccioli has a strong tradition in conjugating tradition (high quality of life, highlong life expectation, excellent services to citizens) with a vision for the futurebased on the appropriate use of advance technologies. For the last 20 years,Peccioli has capitalised on the resources provided by a very advanced dump site,managed by the Belvedere S.p.A., transforming an “emergency” into an opportunity for wealth and growth.
[Link to "From an environmental emergency to the Peccioli system.PDF]

Previous investments have been done in offering citizens very advanced researchand experimentation facilities on aging, telemedicine, domotics, rehabilitationtechnologies, energy, environment, wellness, and so on. Moreover, since 1995 Peccioli Municipality has been collaborating on joint research projects with Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna (SSSA). Read the activities carried out by SSSA and Peccioli Municipality: [Peccioli & SSSA: a long lasting partnership.PDF]

In September 2007, a delegation of Network Robotic Forum (NRF) visited Peccioli and signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Municipality to start collaborating with NRF on network robot technologies.

The Municipality of Peccioli intends to consider the RoboTown as a true investment in its future and it is strongly motivated to support the RoboTown project implementation. Citizens and Municipality are fully aware of the objectives of RoboTown and they will enthusiastically support end participate directly in the project. In particular, theMunicipality has formally endorsed the RoboTown idea and on April 9, 2010,the project concept has been presented by the coordinator prof. Paolo Dario, the Mayor Mr. Silvano Crecchi and Belvedere S.p.A. president Mr. Renzo Macelloni duringa General Assembly with citizens.
[Read Peccioli Mayor's Letter of endorsment for RoboTown project]

Peccioli disposal
Peccioli advanced trash disposal site
Agreement between NRF and Peccioli Municipality
Memorandum ofUnderstanding (2007)

Participants in the Nonnogotchi project

Peccioli possesses suitable, comfortable and backstage facilities that will be offered by the Municipality to participating teams in order to prepare experiments.